Update process

During the update of MIDI-Master to version 2.7 all settings are taken from the previous version.

If the previous version is lower than 2.5 then the following applies:

In Windows 7 the update process will create a directory C:\Users\<User name>\MIDI-Master. The files C:\Users\<User name>\.MIDI-Master\config and C:\Users\<User name>\.MIDI-Master\default.mmi are then copied there. If the directory C:\Users\<User name>\MIDI-Master already exists before the first start of MIDI-Master 2.6, you will need to copy these files manually.

Mac OS X Update to App Store Version

In Mac OS X the first start of MIDI-Master will move the directory ~/Library/Application Support/de.assoftware.MIDI-Master to ~/Library/Containers/de.assoftware.MIDI-Master/Data/Library/Application Support/de.assoftware.MIDI-Master. If the destination directory already exists in sandbox container before the first start of MIDI-Master, you will need to copy the files default.mmi und config manually.

What's new in MIDI-Master 2.7

  1. All file dialogs saves the last opened directory (for current session)
  2. The file dialogs have file-type filter if several types are possible
  3. The Toolbar is integrated (at OS X)
  4. Revised thread handling in MIDI processor

What's new in MIDI-Master 2.6

  1. Placeholder in URL (see manual)
  2. MIDI-Loop detection (see manual)
  3. MIDI-Debug function (see manual)

What's new in MIDI-Master 2.5

  1. Patch bank management
  2. Sends list is integrated in main window
  3. Import instrument definitions from Cakewalk *.ins-file and Avid/MOTU *.midnam-file
  4. Open URL
  5. Tap tempo button
  6. Mac OS X sandbox

Further details are documented in the file readme.rtf.

Patch bank management

The patch bank management has been completely revised. All banks are now stored in a directory managed by MIDI-Master. Firstly, this has the advantage of a much faster patch bank change. Secondly, it is also easier to transfer a complete setup to another computer. The only need for this is to copy a directory. Banks that were created with previous versions of MIDI masters can be imported.

MIDI-Master data directory:

Sends list is integrated in main window

The sends list in MIDI-Master 2.5 has been integrated into the main window. For many uses of MIDI-Master, the zones are not required. For example, a sound engineer will not use zones when he controls his effect devices with MIDI-Master. So MIDI-Master is much more flexible for different needs.

Another new feature is the display of commands to be send from zones, in this Sends list. So you can very quickly see if MIDI commands "overwrites".

Import instrument definitions from Cakewalk *.ins-file and Avid/MOTU *.midnam-file

To facilitate the tedious work of instrument definition MIDI-Master 2.5 supports to import definition files from Cakewalk (*.ins files) and Avid/MOTU (*.midnam files). MIDI-Master can import banks individually to an existing instrument or import complete instruments. On the Internet, many manufacturers offer files in this format for your devices.

Another easy way to manually create/import banks is the text file format. In this case you create a text file (*.txt) with a simple text editor (without formatting) in ASCII or UTF-8 format. Write according to the following pattern:

0=Piano 1
1=Piano 2

Then you can import this kind of manually created bank file.

Open URL

A document can be opened or a program can be started per patch. For this, the desktop service is used. Thus, for example open a PDF file with a text suitable for the patch.

Tap tempo button

A tap button is now integrated on the toolbar. With this button you can "tap" MIDI clock speed by clicking the mouse. Because of the timing behavior of the buttons this does not work very well, and only up to a speed of up to 160 bpm. An accurate tapping is only possible via the MIDI controller.

Mac OS X sandbox - only App Store Version -

In the App Store version MIDI-Master uses the sandbox. A change to "not" App Store version is not automatically possible.
A non-sandboxed version can also be purchased separately from our website.

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