MIDI-Master instrument definitions

MIDI-Master is since version 2.5 able to import instrument definitions from Cakewalk (*.ins-Files) and Avid/MOTU (*.midnam-Files).

On the website of Cakewalk, you can download the current definitions for Cakewalk Sonar:


For Roland instruments, there is a builders for instrument definitions:


From Users for Users

In this area you can find instrument definition files for MIDI-Master. These files were provided by MIDI-Master users. There is no guarantee for completeness and functionality. The data can be imported into MIDI-Master.

If you have already defined instruments, then you can put them here for other users. You can send these files as attachment by e-mail to midimaster@assoftware.de.

  • jv1080.mmi: Roland JV-1080 with SR-JV80-01 and SR-JV80-04
  • virus-rack.mmi: Access Virus Rack Classic
  • tr-rack.mmi: Korg TR-Rack (by Robert Breber)
  • A-Station.mmi: Novation A-Station
  • FantomG_Patch.mmi: Roland Fantom G Patches
  • FantomG_Studio-Live.mmi: Roland Fantom G Live/Studio (incomplete)
  • Lexicon_MPX-100.mmi: Lexicon MPX-100 (by Theodore Pistiolas)
  • Roland_Juno-G.mmi: Roland Juno-G (by Theodore Pistiolas)
  • Kurzweil_PC88MX.mmi: Kurzweil PC88MX (by Christian Witschard)
  • Roland_RD700.mmi: Roland RD700GX (by Christian Witschard)
  • Roland_SRX-07_Expansion_Patch.mmi: Roland SRX-07 (by Christian Witschard)
  • Roland_SRX-97_Expansion_Patch.mmi: Roland SRX-97 (by Christian Witschard)
  • Fantom_XR.mmi (by Giovanni Corsi)
  • JV2080.mmi (by Giovanni Corsi)
  • Yamaha_Motif6_Performance.mmi (by Uwe Büttner)
  • Roland_V-Synth_GT_2.mmi (by Uwe Büttner)
  • Korg_Triton-Classic.midnam (by Giovanni Corso)
  • Kurzweil_Micro-Ensemble.midnam (by Günther Mildenberger)

Many thanks to all authors for help!

Filename Date Size
A-Station.mmi 22.09.2014 5,4 kB
FantomG_Patch.mmi 22.09.2014 70,8 kB
FantomG_Studio-Live.mmi 22.09.2014 5,7 kB
Fantom_XR.mmi 22.09.2014 30,0 kB
JV2080.mmi 22.09.2014 15,6 kB
Korg_Triton-Classic.midnam 22.09.2014 91,2 kB
Kurzweil_Micro-Ensemble.midnam 12.10.2015 11,8 kB
Kurzweil_PC88MX.mmi 22.09.2014 8,2 kB
Lexicon_MPX-100.mmi 22.09.2014 16,4 kB
Roland_Juno-G.mmi 22.09.2014 45,5 kB
Roland_RD700.mmi 22.09.2014 19,1 kB
Roland_SRX-07_Expansion_Patch.mmi 22.09.2014 12,1 kB
Roland_SRX-97_Expansion_Patch.mmi 22.09.2014 988
Roland_V-Synth_GT_2.mmi 22.09.2014 9,3 kB
Yamaha_Motif6_Performance.mmi 22.09.2014 5,0 kB
jv1080.mmi 22.09.2014 26,7 kB
tr-rack.mmi 22.09.2014 17,7 kB
virus-rack.mmi 22.09.2014 22,8 kB