MIDI-Master 2 - The ultimate master keyboard software

MIDI-Master 2.7 Update is available!

MIDI-Master is a software supposed to help to make the "MIDI-fied" life on stage a little bit easier and enjoyable.

The goal of MIDI-Master is to be an easy-to-use master keyboard controller software.

With MIDI-Master you are able to:

  • use normal midi keyboards as masterkeyboards
  • create stacksounds and splitpoints (you can divide your keyboards in as many zones you need)
  • give your controllers (sustain pedal, modulation wheel and so on) new tasks
  • save your settings in 128 patches
  • create playlists (this is very suitable for your live-performances)
  • simplify midi switchings
  • and much more

MIDI-Master functions as a midi keyboard controller. Its various tools can be used to manipulate midi data in a very sophisticated way. Each incoming midi event is led to the inputs of the zones. In these zones is being decided in which way a midi signal is treated and to where it will go. Furthermore each zone is able to send data such as program-change, volume and panorama. The setting of these zones is saved in 128 patches per bank. A bank corresponds with a file, which means that you can save as many banks as you like, limited only by the capacity of your harddisk.